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Retrospectives: Doula Work for emotional Twin birth

Reflections on the birth of twins by gentle cesarean in January 2015. 

"No. It's you."

When we met for coffee to chat about her birth, I wasn't actually offering Doula services, and in fact several times tried to impress upon her that my family life was unstable and I wasn't sure I was up for more birth work. But it was twins. And it was Rachel. And she simply shook her head and said,  "No. I'ts you. I want you. What is your deposit?" 

Our journey together was an emotional one. Their family was faced with a series of surprises that continually forced them to readjust the vision of their birth. Watching her deal with these blows week to week was like watching a woman in intense labor, the initial pain gradually leading to relaxation and acceptance; empowerment and peace. Her story is not mine to tell, but on the (almost) anniversary of the twins sweet birthday, I wanted to share a few favorites from the day they were born via gentle surgical birth surrounded by loving and VERY enthusiastic family.