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Retrospectives: Thailand July 2015

I'm finally getting around to spending some time with the photos from Thailand last summer. It was a life changing journey, I hope you enjoy some of the images! 

The stairs to to the yoga shala practice space. Koh Lanta, Thailand 2015

I traveled to an incredible island in Thailand in July 2015 to take some photos, practice yoga, eat Thai food and expand my mind.  Prior to this point my travel experiences have been fairly tame, and this time I traveled alone on a 28 hour journey through Beijing, Bangkok and 2 hour van ride packed with european tourists on a ferry to reach Koh Lanta. Being there during the low season was like being in an alternate dimension, filled with some of the most epic and un-capturable sunsets I've ever experienced, the crackling voice calling prayers out over the landscape from the speaker mounted at the top of the local mosque. Sandy bedsheets, hot and humid practices, kayaking in the Andaman sea, snorkeling off of Phi Phi Island.  Much of the most incredible parts of this journey were not captured, because I was too busy enjoying them.  I stayed at a friend's yoga shala for free, it was mostly outdoor living, everything tarped against the monsoon. I felt so alive, living that way, walking across the garden to brush my teeth, showering in the outdoor shower. At one point I looked up to see a neighborhood stray cat perched on the beam above me, a little kitty creeper. 

Words are just no use here. In love, in Thailand. I'll be back.