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A Boat Ride, a White Wall and the Dog-A Family Documentary Session

Surprise! Its family photo day, time to get into an argument over the time/place/cost and what to wear, time to bribe, coerce, threaten and ruin your perfect makeup by the profuse sweating induced by children and husbands just insisting on making crazy faces, running off to find a bug, and picking their noses!

Oh wait, you can relax, because you decided to be brave and hire someone to document your actual life!  Instead of sitting awkwardly in a field, you take your enthusiastic little one for a boat ride, your bring the dog, and your husband gets to go fishing all in one. WIN.

 I hope you enjoy this super sweet example of how to re-think the family photo album.  When you adjust your view on what family photography can be, you invest in a set of images that when returned to in the coming years, bring real tears, real memories and the sweet appreciation of all the little things we forget in the hustle of parenthood. (The way her little hand clutched your sweater for safety, the way you looked at your partner with the deep love of two people who have cleaned up a lot of vomit/poop/spilled cereal together, and still make time to laugh. The gigantic smile of a three year old, ready to take on the world)  And we can still fit in a great portrait.  

I'm refining my approach to the documentary session.  For full documentary sessions, we organize the day in scenes, fusing the classic portrait with all the quirks that come with kids and dogs and fun people. 

On the Shore

A White Wall

A Family Portrait

A Boat Ride!

Glorious Monochrome Captures:  I love to work in monochrome-- to me, the light and shadow have a way of displaying a subtle moment with great intensity. I always include a few of these beautiful black and white moments in every documentary session

 I hope you enjoyed these captures of one of my favorite families, for a day at Lake Hefner.  I supported Jamie and Josh in their labor and birth as a doula over three years ago, she was one of the very first babies I photographed making her powerful and beautiful entrance to this world. What a blessing to watch them grow.  Thank you, sweet friends.