Welcome! You can find stories here from my work as an Oklahoma Documentary Photographer. I love to hear your feedback, so please drop me a line!

A Quick Sub-Arctic Portrait: Mother and Son

Often we get so wrapped up in just accomplishing our basic, get your kid/pet/self through the day without starting a forest fire in a reasonably un-maimed, semi-hygenic way, that anything else simply falls by the way-side. What we tend to forget is that it happens to ALL OF US, and its happening all of the time! So I never take it personally when someone isn't calling 5 months in advance to book a session with me. Michelle called me this week and said, do you have anything open for my son and I before you leave for California?  I had exactly thirty minutes, and it was 20 degrees, but we did the damn deal, and I love the results. Hope you enjoy this sweet sample of an arctic mini portrait session.  My current portrait special is over, but I'll be running another one in the spring.  

Meaningful Work-A Professional Documentary Portrait Session

Last week, among all the craziness of preparing for my first showing, I squeezed in a really fun Professional's Documentary and Portrait session with Nicole, who works as a community archivist for the Wichita Language Project.  It was amazing to walk into the bowels of the Sam Noble Natural History museum and see where she works to preserve native languages.  This knowledge is slipping away, and I'm honored to be a tiny part of keeping the original cultural heritage of this land alive. If you are interested in this work, or wish to donate resources to the project, use the contact form on my website and I will connect you with the appropriate organization. 





Playful and Classic--a documentary newborn session

I love when a family chooses to do something non-traditional and trusts me to capture the feel of their "we just had a baby" days. This session will warm your heart, with the beautifully classic mid century feel of their home, and the perfection of their little ones. Enjoy this joy-filled sample of my in-home documentary work.  

I also love to see my clients change through the fast moving months of infancy. When I went to drop off their print order, I snapped a beautiful update to the family portrait.  Please adopt me.