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Deja Vu in the OR

Last week, only 10 days before I was scheduled to depart for INDIA, my client and friend messaged me and said, "HEY I know its last minute but I'm whining to Chris and I really want photos, we are having him Monday morning, can you come?"  


But when a little soul indirectly invites me to be present at his birth, how can I decline? Here are my favorites from the beautifully familiar scenes of the birth of Miles. 

Retrospectives: Doula Work for emotional Twin birth

Reflections on the birth of twins by gentle cesarean in January 2015. 

"No. It's you."

When we met for coffee to chat about her birth, I wasn't actually offering Doula services, and in fact several times tried to impress upon her that my family life was unstable and I wasn't sure I was up for more birth work. But it was twins. And it was Rachel. And she simply shook her head and said,  "No. I'ts you. I want you. What is your deposit?" 

Our journey together was an emotional one. Their family was faced with a series of surprises that continually forced them to readjust the vision of their birth. Watching her deal with these blows week to week was like watching a woman in intense labor, the initial pain gradually leading to relaxation and acceptance; empowerment and peace. Her story is not mine to tell, but on the (almost) anniversary of the twins sweet birthday, I wanted to share a few favorites from the day they were born via gentle surgical birth surrounded by loving and VERY enthusiastic family. 

Retrospectives: Summer Baby Born in the Caul

The site and blog are finally coming together in a way that pleases me. I've decided I would love to share some of my older work via the blog, remembering the births from the past three years that taught me so much. Everything I'm doing now as a photographer has just been trial and error, learning through the gracious acceptance of these amazing families.  They welcomed me into their birth spaces and I am so thankful to each and every one. 

My experiences in birth work have been scattered throughout a chaotic three years. Divorce completely uprooted us. Taking care of a toddler on my own did not cater well to being on call. I somewhat resigned myself to be patient and know that when the time came, I would be able to go to births more regularly. This beautiful June birth was one of my first tentative steps towards making this lifestyle work for our small family. It was a complete delight to be with this mama and her support team as she labored and delivered a perfect baby girl in the bag. The amazing women of Community Midwifery Service assisted me with this capture. 

Going it (not so) Alone

Megan told me at our first meeting that it was possible that her partner would be in the field training out of state at the time of the birth, and while they hoped and prayed that he would be able to be present, the day baby chose meant that she would give birth without him. I am constantly amazed at the strength of women and mothers--watching her labor in a beautiful sunny kitchen surrounded by her adoring family members was so uplifting, everything was so light. 

Born at Mid-Day

As the time approached, one of the midwives beckoned me over--sweet baby girl was being born in her bag, a beautiful shock of life in these color shots of the moment of birth.  

The reaction in the room when they brought this sweet girl out of the water and passed her through her mamas legs was electric, it felt like a thunderclap of joy and relief and exultation. To have not one, but two Grandmothers there to witness the birth of a grandchild, it is powerful. The joy of a Grandmother is completely contagious. 

To see the rest of the photos from this birth story, you can watch the final slideshow and video here, I hope you find their story as beautiful and uplifting as I did. 

Just a reminder that these families have shared these photos and videos with permission. Please respect their experience and my work by not saving or sharing photos from this page without permission. Feel free to share a link to the blog!  Thank you!

sunny home water birth

January 18. Duncan, OK.

I only met Rachelle and Aaron once before walking up their front steps on a chilly January Monday, but over the next few hours I would fall in love with THEIR love--it was a blessing and an honor to be there to document the birth of their first baby, Capri Lily.   As always, watching the way a woman becomes a mother, the way the power of a birthing woman opens her energetically, physically, the intensity of the love and shock of those first moments, I am changed. I hope you are as moved and inspired  by these photos as I was, in the moments that I took them. 

As I made the long drive to Duncan, watching the Oklahoma farm land rolling by, I wondered if the sun would bless this family as they worked to meet their first child. I never know what I'll be walking into when I enter a birth space, never know who I'll meet as birth has this funny and wonderful way of bringing out the true selves of all involved. I won't have to say much about the confidence of this mother, the love between these parents. The photos speak for themselves. 

Labor is intense, but not without joy. 

One of the most magical things about this birth was how naturally Mama moved through labor, resting and pushing. Reaching out for support from her team at times, but mostly just listening to her body. The birth wasn't rushed, which allowed for some incredible captures as Dad reached to catch his baby girl.  

Moment of Birth 3:41pm

I adore when families don't know the gender of their baby. As Dad pulled this sweet one from the water, he was the first to break the news to the long awaited question, confirming Mother's intuition--a Daughter this day. 

Boy or Girl? 

The First Hours.

I'm no writer, I tell my stories with pictures. The following are my favorite post-birth images from this day. It is my deepest belief that women should be free, and encouraged, to birth where, how, and with whomever they wish. This couple claimed their power to have the experience they wanted, with education, planning and confidence. As a result of their choices and preparation and a little bit of fate and luck, they were able to have the most relaxed and beautiful post birth experience. Truly they modeled how to honor every part of the experience, nothing was rushed, everything was delighted in.  I took most of these photos through tears in my eyes. I hope they inspire you to take your birthing day a little slower, a little lighter, and welcome the intensity and the newness with open hearts. 

Life in Color

I generally tell birth stories in black and white because often we are dealing with some seriously crappy light and sometimes a lot of body fluids, lets face it. But every so often the stars align and we are gifted with a birth in the beautiful light of day. I hope you enjoy some of these full color photos from the birth of Capri.

Please remember. These beautiful photos are shared with the gracious permission of this family. They are real people. Please honor their experience, and my work by not saving/cropping/using these photos without written permission. It is my hope that their story inspires you, please feel free to share the link to this blog on facebook, but do not reshare individual photos without permission. Thank you so much for your support!  


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