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Land of Enchantment: Sore Ass. Soaring Heart

The past few days have been a roller coaster ride. On Saturday Zion and I loaded the car and drove west to meet up with my sister, an amazing photographer and the woman responsible for me even owning a camera. While there, with photos on the brain and inspired by coffee fueled chats about my ridiculous auto focus settings, I wrote a post that unintentionally has spread all over the world. I drove the breathtakingly beautiful cellular wasteland of the high desert, ignorant of the impact it was making, only to open my facebook account at a gas station to hundreds of people pouring their hearts out, encouraging one another and sharing stories of determination, discouragement, hope and passion.  I am humbled and really just still in shock that anyone would want to read a silly thing like that. I have nothing but love for all the people who shared their stories with me. 
I hope you enjoy this collection of shots from the very ordinary family vacation of simple person who loves to take photos, and has much to learn. To me, this is the beauty of real life. This is what I really love to capture.  Please email me and keep sharing your beautiful stories.