Family Documentation

Anyone with children knows that once you begin, the days and weeks begin to fly by faster and faster.  It can make you feel like you are missing it, thus our obsession with preserving mementos, images and family photos. Choosing to document a family event, rather than having traditional portraits done can preserve not just what you looked like this year, it can bring you back to what these days felt like. 

Pricing for Family Documentary Photography--How does it work?

Rather than have pre-set pricing like a portrait photographer, I simply give my clients a quote for their event or project roughly based on the following rates for my time and energy spent.  

Hourly Shooting Rate: $75 / hour
Price Per Photo:  Roughly $10/Image
Still Photography Slideshow Story: $100 + Cost of Licensing

(For instance, if you want me to shoot a birthday party in Norman that lasts from 2-4 pm, and want about 20 High Resolution Photos, I would quote you $350, you could then add or subtract time or images to fit your budget and needs) 

This gives families a huge range of options. One family may only want 10 good shots from a first birthday party two blocks away from my home, while another may need me to travel to a family camping trip 2 hours away and stay the weekend. In both cases, I am fairly compensated and no one is paying more or less for what they are getting. While it may seem like more trouble to request a quote, it allows families with any type of budget or project to get exactly what they want.  I always welcome creative collaboration from my clients, I get excited to work with people who have unique ideas for their projects!  

Use this form to request a quote or ask questions about a project.